Monday, April 16, 2007

Good reading

I want to urge everyone to read Srdja Trifkovic's column, A Tale of Two Cabals, in thos month's Chronicles.

I am not writing this to summarize the article. No summary could do it justice. But there are some practical things to be said, of which I would like to alert you.

First, our emphasis must be on our Christian - European identity. That identity can be found more frequently in the U. S. A. than any other place. We cannot tolerate multi-culturalism, which is a slap in the face to true Christianity.

Second, we must be aware that in anything that really counts there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. We must rise above the secondary and tertiary "issues" which they insist on debating, and focus on what they will not allow to be debated. George Bush knows what words will push the buttons of "conservative Christians," but in what really matters, he has nothing but false platitudes.

Third, understand that Islam worships the devil. The god of the Koran is known mainly by negation, by violent opposition to all that is incarnational of God, by rejection of the Gospel and the history of Israel, by substituting an abstract particularlity for the concrete, incarnational particularities of Judaism and Christianity. One of their god's attributes is "the merciful," no doubt, but remember, the false prophet has horns like a Lamb but speaks like a dragon.

Fourth, understand that main-line Christianity also worships the devil, which is why it has so little opposition to Islam. Main-line Christianity has no more love for the Gospel than Islam. When it mentions the word "Gospel," it usually means something Marxist.

Fifth, and finally, understand that "evangelical Christianity" also worships the devil, rejecting all that is incarnational in the Church and her history, emphasizing hyper-individualism, ignoring all the centuries between the New Testament and the present, which is why it tolerates female clergy, seeks "growth" at the expense of truth, experience at the expense of clear witness, and post-modern subjectivism at the expense of knowing the reality of the cross and resurrection.