Monday, December 18, 2006

Materialism is irrational

Materialism contradicts itself by rejecting the teleological, yet claiming to base all science on empirical evidence.There is overwhelming empirical evidence that much human activity, and human speech, are teleological. Evolutionists cannot even describe evolution without resorting to teleological terms such as "adaptation." Every time anyone considers alternatives he is not only exercising liberty, as Allen Bloom correctly points out, but he is also exercising teleology. Even the semi-quantifiable hedonistic principle, which Pragmatists accept as their one axiological postulate, assumes human teleology. The pursuit of happiness is teleological. In nature, outside of man, one finds no teleology, no morality, and only passive reason in the form of patterns, which the observing mind perceives (some would say "imposes"). Is man something other than nature? In any case, whence does he derive teleology, morality, and reason? Not from subhuman nature. Many have sought it there and found nothing. We might suggest the supernatural, which cannot be studied by the inductive method which man uses to examine subhuman nature. However, even if the supernatural cannot be scientifically described, by default of any other explanation for the source of teleology, morality, and reason - in other words by the process of elimination - we can categorically state that the supernatural exists, and if we are honest, we must also claim that its existence is a scientific fact. Furthermore, if there were another explanation, that would merely present us with alternatives. It would not disprove the existence of the supernatural.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


When they came for the smokers, I did not speak up, because I was not a smoker. Let's not let any more dominoes fall. Liberty is priceless. We must speak up if we want to keep it. The health-nazis are on the march. What good is health without liberty? It only prolongs the misery.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


For all we can see, this dialogue can only take place on the level of politics. We have truth which the Muslims can never accept. They have the Koran, which enlightened people can never accept as anything other than heinous evil. They cannot put away their anti-semitism because it is an integral part of their revelation. The best we can hope for is that they agree not to emphasize it, or make it a priority. Nor can we deny that Jesus is God Incarnate. He is, and that is absolutely true, whether anyone believes it or not. What we can do is agree to tolerate one another on the political level, which is possible in the West because of the ascendency of secular progressivism. It cannot be done in Muslim countries because there are no checks and balances. There is only the rule of Satan's minions who follow the Liar (whom they call "Prophet"). How sad it will be for them on the Day of Judgment! Incidentally, it is correct to use the pronoun "she" when referring to Allah. Because all subsequent Arabic has been influenced by the Koran, Arabs have become accustomed to thinking of Allah as a masculine noun, but grammatically it is feminine. Allah was the moon goddess in pre-Muslim Mecca. That is why the moon quickly became the logo of Islam.

There are in the world three nature religions -- animism, Paganism, and Hinduism. Wiccanism is a branch of Paganism. Then there are three philosophical religions -- Taoism, Buddhism, and Stoicism, although the first has some nature elements in it. There are two historical religions -- Christianity and Judaism, which spring from the same root of Moses and the Prophets. There is the apocalyptic religion of Zororaster, the atheistic religions of Humanism and Communism, and the charlatanry of Theosophy and Scientology. Finally, there are the destructive religions -- Santeria, Satanism, and Islam. For political purposes it is better not to think if Islam as a religion at all, but as a political movement designed to overthrow the Constitution and replace it with the barbarism of Sharia. It should not be protected by the First Amendment because it has an evil political agenda, devoted to the destruction of the host republic.


Do you wonder just what kind of dialogue Christians can have with Muslims? To have anything at all to dialogue about, there must be some mutual-accepted truth. While secularists have their philosophy by which they can judge both Christianity and Islam, there is no such common ground between Christians and Muslims. The problem is the Koran, which to Muslims is a sacred volume of revelation, while to Christians it is a completely evil volume of Satanic deception, designed to destroy all that is good.