Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Texas Trip

It was a four day weekend. I flew down on Friday, and back on Monday, both afternoon flights so there was no rushing.

I stayed at the Best Western in Lake Worth, 15 miles from my niece's house. She had her father and step-mother, her step-daughter and her husband, her son Robby and his wife, Carolina, whom I had never met, and thier 5 month old daughter, Carolita. Robby's brother and sister, Wayne and Angel, my niece's former ward, Nicki, his wife, Misty, and their one year old son, Dylan. Then there were the step-daughter's children, Adian and Aria Holland, seven and two respectively. Craig and Cheri had all these people there.

We had the Baptismal ceremony at Hope Lutheran Church in Reno, just west of Azle. It was at 2:00 in the afternoon. The people weren't there, nor was the pastor. Cheri had made preparations, and I had brought my hymn to make copies for everybody.

There were four candidates: Adian and Aria, Dylan, and Carolita. I did the agenda from memory, since the only resources available were LBW. Four children received the Sacrament of regeneration. Afterward, Cheri had ice cream punch and cake for everybody.

In one of those inexpressible moments, I, the senior family member, held Carolita, the youngest family member, in my arms. She was the only blood relative that I baptized that afternoon. Dylan is Cheri's grandson in all but blood, and the others are her step-grandchilren. It was too bad that Dick and Peggy couldn't be there. They would have loved it.